Youth Leader, Entreprenuer & Political Candidate

About Us

Mr. Anup Bohara is a candidate for the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament of Nepal and a youth leader and also an entrepreneur. His urgent and immediate focus is to expand the reach of health services, particularly to those that need it the most: the poor, people with mental health problems, and differently-abled. As an entrepreneur, he knows the difficulty of establishing a new business in Nepal, so he has an aim to provide entrepreneur skills and campaign to help solve this problem. As a youth leader, we understand the frustration of youth towards politics and the old political leaders who only aim to develop and empower themselves rather than the country of the state. 

As an MP’s Candidate, we will create a favorable conditions for Youth Entrepreneurship & Startup Culture in Nepal as “Youth Startup-Nepal”

Our main Agenda 

  1. Development of the IT commission in Nepal.
  2. Free basic education and health services,
  3. end of the Beruju system and corruption.

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