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Healthcare and Education

Healthcare and Education

The education system will be changed to produce competent manpower to compete in the global market and to be result-oriented, skill-oriented, ethical, knowledge-based, job-oriented, and practical. Not only private schools, but public schools across the country will be improved to the same level to help every individual be educated and skilled. The education system will be changed according to time. Equal access to education will be established for all citizens. As with the increase in public schools, scholarships in higher education will be increased significantly. Arrangements for educational loans will be made at affordable rates for the continuation of higher education. The teachers themselves will be given training on how to teach, and an examination will be conducted.

Equal access to health care will be established for all people.Hospitals and health centers will be established in villages and towns as per requirement.Public awareness about health and education will be promoted through the school curriculum itself to spread the message that ‘it is wiser not to get sick than to get sick’. Public health service centers and hospitals will be improved by adding necessary physical structures, improving management and matching staff. Similarly, fee and service standards will be applied in private hospitals as well. Primary health care will be free and various health insurance programs will be implemented effectively. Ayurvedic and naturopathy will also be given equal priority. All the existing public hospitals will be provided with all the facilities and equipments as of private hospitals.


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